What is a brand?


A brand is a customer’s perception of who you are and what you stand for based on the sum total of every tangible and intangible interaction they've had with your business.

If you are not known by a prospect, you are just a name that comes up on Google. You have seconds to be seen as a viable resource or just another business with a bad website.


(verb) Branding is the intentional and strategic shaping of the customer's experience with your company. It's about taking every opportunity to express who you are, what value you offer and what makes you unique. You build your brand through making promises and delivering value again and again.

What is the VALUE of branding?

  • Branding improves recognition and helps you secure a place in your customers mind
  • Building a brand that is consistent and remarkable will deliver referrals
  • Having a strong brand and clear mission inspires employees
  • Branding makes business decisions easier - your brand is your business perspective through which decisions can be filtered.
  • Branding can build trust and credibility
  • Building brand value directly ties to business opportunities and financial return
  • The most profitable companies, regardless of size, have one thing in common. They have established themselves as a leader in their market by building a strong brand.
  • ... do I really need to go on?

Conversely, if you are unconcerned and ignore your brand, it WILL deteriorate and you will be known as your category. Just another writer, just a general contractor or even more generic, just a business owner... (insert ominous music).


Rebranding is all about reconnecting, revitalizing and rebooting your company's messaging, visual identity, value proposition and vision. You'll know when it is time to rebrand, when you notice:

  • Your product/service rocks but you are blending in with the competition
  • You are tired of continually competing on price
  • You've had a big change in product or service offerings but no one knows it
  • You have a sales-killing, out-dated website and you are losing business
  • Your website is draining your credibility
  • You are embarrassed by your marketing materials and apologizing before you give your web address.
  • You feel guilty for neglecting your brand, but you don't know where to start
  • Your messaging is confusing and inconsistent... or bland
  • A market evolution has left you behind and you need to catch up

If you are ready to get rid of the brand wedgie and develop a brand that is so comfortable it fits like your favorite jeans, let's talk. I want you to articulate your value to potential customers in a way that helps you close the deal and get more clients.

Branding isn't just about getting people to pay attention. It's about getting the right people to pay attention.

What does it cost to rebrand?

It’s a good, yet complicated question. It's like asking how long it will take to wash the dishes or what it will cost to build a house... it depends.

My process and creative products are customized to the needs of the company. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation, but most would expect to invest $15,000 - $50,000 on the audit, strategy and brand identity development. Clients with multiple websites or a lot of deployment needs (signage, fleet design, print collateral, trade show booth, online presence, etc.) could invest much more simply in execution costs.

A brand refresh is alternative to a full rebrand.

Through a discovery brand audit, we can evaluate what is working and what is not. What is consistent and clear in your messaging and what doesn't fit. A brand refresh is more of a remodel or tweaking, than it is a complete rebuild. While still a significant undertaking, a brand refresh is usually less-intrusive, most would expect to invest $5,000 - $20,000 for this type of rebranding.

The rebranding solutions plan is defined through the discovery phase of the brand audit.

If you feel that your messaging is not landing with your audience. If your website is draining your credibility. Or if everything is a bit outdated and needs to be refreshed a bit, we would love to set up a 20 min call to discuss solutions.

Rebranding... where do I start?

A brand audit is a good place to begin, especially if you want to explore the idea and scope of rebranding, but are unsure about your needs or the timing.

If you know you’re ready to rebrand or want to discuss a brand audit, contact us to schedule a consultation. If your not sure, download "15 reasons to Rebrand and 5 to not" (in the green bar below), and hang out on my mailing list for a while and see if we are a fit. It's all good.