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Online Marketing Plan
& Lead Generation


Your brand foundation is solid and your new website has launched… now what? Marketing, that’s what!

It’s time to attract attention, capture leads, fill up your sales funnel (if you have one) with eager prospects and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Sadly, it's not that easy. You could use hope marketing, THAT's easy, but it isn't effective or scaleable.

Our big picture goal for you is to have a solid online marketing plan that fits your business personality and target market. Turn your website from a glorified brochure into a business asset by deploying lead capture techniques coupled with a well thought out and funded marketing plan.

Why should you care about a marketing plan?

  • Get found in search engines by prospects looking for what you have to offer. Don't let them find your competitor first.
  • Finally harness the internet to get more leads through content marketing and social media channels like Linkedin or Facebook
  • Get the peace-of-mind in knowing you have an editorial calendar in place to keep your site from going stale.
  • Have confidence in knowing the promotional strategies chosen fit your company brand and where necessary, match with your team's personality and strengths.
  • Find ways to build trust & credibility through your sales cycle making closing the deal easier.
  • Make your website a sales-generating asset and not just an expense
  • Create valuable mailing lists of eager prospects and have a plan in place to nurture and connect.

The great news is that you don't have to do any of this on your own. We are here to help, consult and guide you through the jungle of online marketing and where possible handle it all for you. In addition to our marketing plans and consulting we also offer website care plans to keep your site up and running smooth and SEO plans to keep your site rankings high, generating leads and staying relevant.


What's your next move? Let's chat and find out.