It's time to get rid of your brand wedgie and create a tailored solution that fits who you are, what you do and the market you serve.

reBrand Strategy
& Identity Design

Is your branding foundation solid? Are you clear on what your brand is all about? Or are you spending time and money on marketing tactics and hoping the strategy and branding stuff will work itself out?

Maybe you are relying on word-of-mouth referrals and assuming the referrer can articulate your value to prospects? I get it, needing more clients puts a fire under your butt and marketing seems like the answer. You could be wasting your money if your foundation doesn't feel secure when prospects come to check you out.

Marketing does not get you clients, it only gets you awareness... what are you doing with that awareness?

I want to help you find your unique value, that thing that differentiates you from all of your competitors, and weave it throughout all prospect and customer interactions.

  • Branding does not start with a logo or a color palette, it starts with clarity.
  • Find clarity through our brand discovery process and customer avatar development.
  • Having a strong brand and being clear on what you stand for and against, inspires and energizes you and your employees.
  • Branding helps customers identify your value and differentiate you from the competition.
  • Branding can help you avoid becoming a commodity and being known by your category.
  • You can't control perception but you can represent your brand boldly and authentically in everything you do.

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