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Tracy O’Shaughnessy (oh-shawn-essy)

Creative Ideas + Strategy + Innovation + Passion

I help industrial and building trade executives stop apologizing for their websites and neglected brands... and get more leads.

Why industrial, commercial flooring and general contractors you may ask? I like people who make stuff, it's that simple. I do have clients in a lot of different markets so don't be shy if you aren't a builder of things. I won't hold it against you.

My big picture goal is for you to have a solid marketing foundation, have a strategy and stay out of overwhelm by knowing what to do next. But deeper than that, I want to discover what you really offer your customers (emotionally, physically, financially...), get to know your customers, understand and tweak your positioning and identify your core values. Lead with your values and make all of your marketing about your customers and not you.

A little about me.

  • I am not a typical designer, I understand business and I do not focus on the pretty as the primary goal. I focus on the value/purpose first, function second and pretty third. If the project is not doing its job, pretty or not, it is a failure.
  • I've been designing since the days of paste-up, typesetting and halftones which is the foundation of my strategy before tactics mentality.
  • I am a mix of innovation and passion. Embracing opportunities for change and exploration with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • I am drawn to branding because it is a mix of analytical and creative - insight and art. Design thinking.
  • I love going through discovery with new clients, diving deep into their businesses to understand the moving parts and uncover the real problems I can help solve.
  • I really don't like salad forks. I know, it's a crazy thing to focus on, but they bug me.
  • My family moved to Texas when I was 9, so I'm pretty much from here.
  • The first website I designed and built from scratch was for a 100-year-old college bookstore in 1996. I was their marketing director and the president came to me and said, "I've been reading a lot about this web thing and I want a website." I didn't know much about the Internet and I knew nothing about how to build a website... but I did understand information design. I enlisted the help of a cute geek, paid him in beer and pizza to teach me the basics of the interwebs. I learned html on my own, very few books existed on the subject, and I built the site from scratch in a text editor. The site I built was listed in Texas Monthly's Top 100 Websites and I ended up marrying that cute geek boy a few years later.
  • I love to help people find their unique strengths and encourage them to go farther than they thought possible.
  • I'm a Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach
  • I enjoy taking classes and learning new skills (welding, wood working, throwing pottery, painting, whatever... bring it on).
  • I never schedule meetings on Monday mornings.
  • I've learned to block time in my calendar to work ON my business and not just IN my business. If it is not scheduled, it doesn't happen and days go by, months go by and years go by before you realize your brand has devolved. I've felt it so I completely empathize with clients who are there.
  • I am very curious to know what photographers have against tops of heads and elbows? I have had to recreate hair and elbows for years due to photographers pre-cropping images. I do not want to be limited to what the photographer thought looked good for a still photo without thinking about the possible uses of the image. Seriously, it's a problem. I think beyond my uses when designing for a client. This is an example of NOT thinking about the customer.
  • I will go out of my way to help someone who feels embarrassed or out of place, to feel comfortable.
  • I enjoy waking up every day energized and inspired by the clients I get the pleasure to work with.
  • I'm a Mother of 2 and wife of the most hysterical and patient man in the world.

My Mission:

  • To End brand shame. Get rid of the brand wedgies and replace them with tailored solutions that fit the company. Get your positioning correct. Flip your messaging to be about your client and not you.
  • Co-create a solid brand and marketing platform so you can reach the people you are meant to work with.
  • Use my bullshit-free approach to accelerate your success.
  • Inspire confidence to boldly stand out and get noticed for who you are, what you do and WHY you do it.
  • Take all clients through my discovery process so we are no longer focused on the surface problems. Dig deep to find the levers that will lead to real growth. Let's co-create a website that is a business asset, not just an expense. A lead-generating site, not just a brochure website.
  • To help my clients get in touch with their ideal clients and learn to say no to prospects, markets, and projects that are a bad fit and drain them of their give-a-damn.

Through branding, strategy, design and thoughtful implementation, you can break through the noise in your market and attract more ideal clients. Not just those with a problem you can solve, a pulse and a checkbook.

I've been a brand identity designer and strategist for over 25 years and a web designer for over 20. I am a Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach and I love to help executives rebrand and realign their marketing strategy.

Organic is great for fruit and vegetables, but Brands Need Plans.

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